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Funeral Preparations
Entrusting Your Loved One to the Funeral Home
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Upon the death of your loved one, contact the funeral home as soon as possible. Expect to sign release documents authorizing the transfer of your loved one from the hospital or care facility to the funeral home.
Here is a list of items to discuss with the funeral home personnel:

  • Vital Statistics regarding the deceased (such as birth date, and death certificate)
  • Military records, if any
  • Life Insurance Policy information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Name of person in charge of final arrangements
  • A good, recent photo of your loved one (optional)
  • Interment Requests (regarding cemetery arrangements, burial rights, and cremation)
  • Special instructions (such as flower preferences, music, vocalists, pallbearers, funeral chaplain or personal clergy)
  • Clothing and jewelry for the deceased
  • Funeral Service Requests (including place of service, religious preference, any participating organization such as military, fraternal, lodge, union, civic, etc.)
  • Newspaper preference for Obituary Notice
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