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Moving Beyond That
Are you prepared to handle the emotional strain and financial setbacks that could result from the illness or loss of a loved one?
Have you suffered the loss of a job or your home, and you wake up each day feeling as though time is not on your side?
At, you will find words of inspiration, as well as helpful resources, such as Scriptures, book titles, advice, and websites to various agencies.
Thank you for visiting us today. You are in our prayers.
Rhonda Adams
About Rhonda Adams
With passion and compassion for providing inspirational support to people suffering from grief and loss, Rhonda Adams is a certified lay chaplain and funeral home associate. Her passion and compassion have extended through her life-changing sessions for Goodwill Industries Flip-the-Script program. She also serves on the Henry Ford Health Systems Advisory Council being more involved in advocacy of patient care and staff education.
Rhonda offers her ministerial and inspirational support services to funeral homes, hospitals, churches and schools. She also has a strong background in administration and customer service offering her professional skills to entrepreneurs and organizations as a virtual assistant, now providing virtual assistance to Hospice of Michigan for research projects.
She also has a passion for facilitating with couples in Christian marriages to strengthen their marital relationships. She utilizes Biblical principles as a Certified Facilitator with Prepare-Enrich (Search: zip code 48239) using a proven format that helps couples build strong relationships.
"I am just grateful to God," Rhonda said, "for giving me the expertise to provide you with helpful information and professional services that matter to you."
Rhonda launched the website as an informational resource and support for people suffering from grief and loss. Also, please feel free to make a visit to Rhonda's Facebook page a part of your regular routine.
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