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…with possible solutions to get you through difficult times
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…with possible solutions to get you through difficult times
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Moving Beyond That and movingbeyondthat.com respect your privacy and will not give, sell or rent your email or telephone information to any person, organization or outside marketing company.
If you make a request for customer service or ask for feedback and provide us with your telephone number or email address, we may contact you accordingly to respond to your request or comment.
If you request our products or services, we may ask for personal information and retain such information in order to complete your request and meet your future needs. However, we will not release information that will identify you personally to anyone.
We may use your e-mail address to send you information about new products, services or information on our site.
Moving Beyond That and movingbeyondthat.com assume no liability for errors, omissions or damages resulting from the distribution or use of information from this website, materials, products, training or services.
Any reference by movingbeyondthat.com to other products or websites is for informational purposes and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement. Please be advised that there are other products and websites similar in nature that are available which were not mentioned, reviewed or listed here of which you may also choose to consider, subscribe to, or purchase from.
Moving Beyond That and movingbeyondthat.com are designed to offer general information, tips and resources. This site is not designed to offer personalized advice of any kind to any individual; and the site-owner cannot be responsible for any harm that may result from the use or misuse of the information therein.
You are strongly urged to consult with your healthcare provider, lawyer, accountant, clergy or other appropriate professional for personalized advice to meet your specific needs or concerns.
Should you choose to visit, search for, or purchase a product from our merchandising partners via our online store, your activity may provide information to that partner as a result of your navigation to search, buy, bid, post, participate in a contest or questionnaire, or communicate with its customer service. Furthermore, any concern or dispute regarding privacy, product,  purchase or refund must be resolved with that merchandising partner.
Please feel free to refer back to this policy as it may be necessary for us to change the content.
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