Your Initial Shock - Moving Beyond That

Moving Beyond That
Moving Beyond That
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Your Initial Shock
Perhaps that “What-if?” is here today and has become “What-now?”
Now you're faced with a terrible family tragedy or loss. So what should you do now? Perhaps the following options will help you through the pain and anguish.
Release your emotions.
With all your preparations, you're still not prepared for the emotional rollercoaster of losing your loved one. Facing death is not easy, even for the most prepared.
Dealing with the initial shock may just be the beginning of your anguish. Decisions have to be made.

Lean on someone for support.
Contact a close friend, relative or clergy. More than likely you'll need someone to talk to about your feelings.

Take a day before making any decision.
If your loved one passes away at a care facility, ask for a day (if you feel you need it) before making decisions.

Contact medical personnel and the police.
If your loved one dies at home unexpectedly or without the care of hospice management, contact the attending physician and the police immediately. The police may need to assess the situation.

Contact the funeral home.
If you have not pre-selected a funeral home, you might get recommendations from friends and family.
Before the funeral home picks up your loved one from the hospital or care facility, you may be required to complete a release document.
When the remains are in the custody of the funeral home, you can expect a phone call from the funeral home to make an appointment there to handle the final arrangements.
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