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…with possible solutions to get you through difficult times
(313) 948-3085
(313) 948-3085
…with possible solutions to get you through difficult times
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Rhonda Adams

"I am grateful to God for giving me the expertise to provide you with helpful information and professional services that matter to you."

Rhonda Adams launched Moving Beyond That, LLC, with the mission of providing helpful information and resources ...with possible solutions to get you through difficult times.

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(313) 948-3085
Undoubtedly, 2020 has been the most difficult year in the past 100 years for so many people across the entire world—a year filled with emotional stress, political upheaval, job loss, financial setback, sickness, and grief due to the loss of a loved one(s)—as well as grief due to other losses, such as job, business, home, or income.
While you may feel alone, please know that there are many who share your pain and many who want to help. As you browse this website, you will find information, lists, and contact information to various resources that may address or may serve as a lead to resolving your concern.
Rhonda Adam's Background

In addition to managing Moving Beyond That, Rhonda has been involved in various community and business projects that have given her the insight, passion and experience to provide the support that you may need. Read more below.
Rhonda's formal education

Education and Training
  • M.A. in Organizational Leadership
  • B.S. in Psychology
  • A.A. in Business Administration
  • Certified Customer Service Professional
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Rhonda, happily married
Rhonda is a trained, certified facilitator

  • Grief and Loss Facilitator
  • Prepare-Enrich Certified Facilitator for couples counseling using a proven format based on Biblical principles to help couples build strong, effective relationships and marriages rooted in Christian faith. (Search for Rhonda Adams at http://prepare-enrich.com under zip code 48239.)

Rhonda provides grief and loss care based on her extensive experience

Spiritual Advisor
  • Funeral Home Associate
  • Grief and Loss Facilitator
  • Certified Lay Chaplain
  • Ordained Minister

Rhonda participates in community programs

Community Involvement
  • Hospice of Michigan providing outreach research
  • Goodwill Industries Flip-the-Script program
  • Henry Ford Health Systems Advisory Council serving as an advocate for patient care and staff education
Rhonda also works in a business administrative capacity

  • Notary Public for Wayne County, State of Michigan
  • Provides training to develop effective ministry leadership
  • Provides virtual assistant services for organizations and entrepreneurs

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